The speed at which technology is developed gets faster each year.  These technological capabilities beget the opportunity for more technological developments.  Consequently, new technologies become obsolete at increasingly faster rates.  Every day, it becomes more important for companies to have a team capable of high-speed innovation.


Mastery of mastery — to be increasingly better at what we do.

What we do

Think deliberately and solve the right problem the first time.
Consistently develop expertise.
Transform uncertainty into functional hardware and software.
Accrue knowledge along the way.


To be the best engineering company in the world by investing in our people and their ability to think of new and innovative solutions.

El Segundo, CA
Redmond, WA


1. Prioritize others

We offer help and ask for it. We do what’s best for the team, look for new ways to contribute, and then get back to our own work.

2. Build the right thing

We’re here to build and to add value, not to check boxes. We work to understand our customers’ intent so we solve the right problem.

3. Surpass yourself

We work constantly to surpass our own standards. We keep trying; we keep improving. Every day, we work to beat our best.

4. Play the long game

We choose stable growth over short-term wins. We focus on the next five years, not the next quarter. We train our people to make a team. We earn every dollar that we spend. We grow slowly and sensibly in the markets we serve.

5. Exhaust all possibilities

No idea is too wild, and no tool is out of the question. We love engineering. We’re obsessed with creating new things and overcoming challenges.

6. Welcome difficulty

Every project is an opportunity to improve. The accomplishment itself is the thrill; the hard-won win means more. We relish the fight, take pride in the process, and know how to celebrate a job well done.

7. No designer couches

We choose whiteboards over wall art and better equipment over fancy couches. We pack light, stay efficient, and maintain a clean environment. We focus on the work in front of us.

8. No weapons

When we build things that fly, they land.

Our Approach

We learn

We welcome uncertainty. We master complex and novel engineering challenges. This allows us to expand our expertise, cross-train in new areas, and research technology deeply. We share our knowledge with our clients and give them the tools to grow their own technology base.

We think

We bring deep and functional expertise from the aerospace, consumer electronics, industrial automation, automotive, and biomedical industries. We work collaboratively with our clients through each engineering decision. Together, we’ll craft design parameters, develop tests to minimize risk, increase your knowledge, and produce results.

We build

We create reliable, customized, low-risk hardware and software. We work from prototype demo, to production-ready, to deployed in the field. We environmentally test hardware and repair any issues in-house. Our technicians and engineers can transform a napkin sketch into a sellable product.

We scale

As our clients’ needs expand, we can scale our relationships to support that business growth. We develop long-term relationships with our clients, looking beyond the project and striving for constant progress. The second-order effect of our growth is yours.