Help design…

  • electric planes
  • driverless cars
  • 3D eye scanners
  • ocean mapping drones
  • video-game controllers
  • electric skateboards
  • robots that sort cells
  • cures for depression
  • lunar rovers

At Second Order Effects, you will own multiple projects
across every industry at every stage of the development
process. No matter your role, you’ll handle high-
accountability projects from day one.

Second Order Effects is entirely employee-owned. Some of our benefits include competitive salaries, comprehensive health benefits, and equity packages.

Join us!

Our focus is on learning, support, and quality execution. We build knowledge, not short-term wins. We cross-train and push ourselves, and strive to capture “mastery of mastery”.

There’s a role for you here—whether you’re a new grad or have years of experience. We look forward to hearing from you.

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