Clients ask us for…

  • advice
  • prototypes
  • engineers
  • environmental testing
  • rescue engineering
  • “I need to understand ____.”
  • “I need to show / prove ____ idea can exist.”
  • “I need a team / I need a CTO.”
  • “I need to make sure ___ doesn’t break.”
  • “I need emergency help.”

Our Services

Engineering and Technical Strategy Consulting

“I have a difficult problem and need an expert analysis.”

Architecture and Design Reviews

“I need help defining or building the conceptual model of my system.”

Prototype and Product Development

“I need help with full-cycle-product development.”

Development of Technical Capability

“I need an engineering team.”

Patent Portfolios and Product Lines

“I have or want to develop IP and apply it across a new marketplace.”


At Second Order Effects, we organize our capabilities into seven disciplines: Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Firmware/Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physical Prototyping and Fabrication, Systems Engineering, and Test Engineering. Each discipline has seven capabilities. Next to each capability is the number of projects in which we provided that capability.


    Business and Program Management0

      Onboarding process

      1. To start the process, contact us

      Describe your challenge in detail and include the names of any key stakeholders. You will receive an email within 1 business day to schedule an introductory meeting and collect any additional information. Please respond to that email with any relevant materials or documents.

      2. Introductory meeting

      We will meet with your team to discuss your challenges and how we can help. We typically bring a Business Development lead and any relevant subject matter experts.

      3. Draft plan

      Based on the first conversation, our business development team will outline a plan to address your challenges. Our goal is to quickly align on expectations for scope, schedule, and budget.

      4. Review the plan together

      We are happy to meet and discuss the drafted plan and iterate as needed.

      5. Finalize agreement

      We will finalize the plan into a Statement of Work and any other contracts necessary to outline the terms of our business relationship.

      6. Kickoff

      We will identify a team to work with you and schedule a kickoff meeting to get started.


      Let’s start solving your engineering challenges and meeting your business goals.

      Email or call us at: