Gamevice’s GV-150 Controller

Smartphone Gaming Controller Bootloader

PCBs for the GV-150x.

Gamevice, an award-winning mobile console gaming company based in Simi Valley, California, needed additional electrical engineering expertise. They partner with outside contractors to add capabilities on-demand to supplement their own strengths in consumer electronics.

As a small and focused team, Gamevice has a variety of electrical engineering needs. They need source code to meet specific technical specifications. They need hardware prototypes designed and built quickly that will work in real people’s hands, in real-time. Overall, they need a technical design partner to support them throughout the product roadmap, for multiple product lines. We began working with Gamevice on their iOS/Android mobile gaming controller in 2017.

For this initial project, our team rewrote firmware to be compatible with newer phones and features and designed new boards. After the firmware was successfully deployed, we continued working together to build 3 fully functional sales demo units for CES.

We integrated existing mechanical parts with new 3D-printed designs to create a new form factor. We modified electrical and firmware designs to work with newer phones and add functionality. We then assembled, calibrated, and tested the prototype (via some late-night games of Fortnite) to ready it for CES — in just one month.

SOE continues to serve as a Full-Service Retained Engineering Partner for Gamevice, including developing source code, producing hardware, writing test software, creating UX and full prototypes, helping push down costs of product development and proving focused engineering support throughout their product roadmap. As a ready-equipped and trained team, we work on specific objectives–and deliver success. 

Each year since our original prototype development, we’ve produced a next-gen control unit on the fly and in a short timeframe. Our controller won a “Best of CES” award in 2020 and is available for purchase globally. Gamevice has a go-to external electrical engineering team. We’re always “on-call” when they need additional resources and support.