Stellar Pizza’s Robot

Dolly & Lift For a 2,000 lb Robot

Stellar Pizza wants to solve the logistics of home delivery by bringing food production closer to customers with its fully automated, robotic pizza-making truck. Stellar’s system modules that connect to control has refrigeration, a dough press, conveyor belts, and three ovens that can cook a pizza in under five minutes. 

Second Order Effects (SOE) helped Stellar Pizza to design a system that efficiently loads and unloads robots of varying weights from the back of the truck. The system also has to maneuver them within their facility to support testing, maintenance, and service activities. SOE opted for a four-wheel dolly design that can transport their robotic modules laterally as well as lift them to the required truck height. To safely transfer the truck-sized robot from the truck to the dolly, the rails that the robots ride along need to be aligned within to 0.5 mm of each other over the length of the robot. SOE procured the parts, assembled, and tested the dolly and lift system, working closely with Stellar Pizza before their launch in Los Angeles in 2022. 

Stellar Pizza’s dolly & lift system for their modular
pizza making robot.